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Our Services (Peter Thelander Coaching & Utveckling)

We provide high quality Courses & Coaching for Leaders and Business owners committed to make change in their lives and businesses. Services in English and Swedish Being a Leader or a Business owner is one of the most interesting and rewarding work opportunities their is - your job is to make people and your business grow. But we know how hard it can be sometimes to fulfill your commitments with energy and joy when things seems endlessly filled with obstacles and setbacks - that's where comes in! We are here to help you structure your thoughts, personal processes and priorities - and to give you methods and tools that prevent you from being stressed, unfocused and drained of energy - all so that you can focus on leading your business in a positive direction, and for you to enjoy life a little bit more! Our services All Online "ready-to-go" programs are in English. Personal-/Group coaching programs and Private coaching can be held in English or Swedish. Online "ready-to-go" programs We have several online ready-to-go programs created for you. Access them all by choosing either our monthly or annual plan. We are constantly developing and adding new content. Personal-/Group coaching programs We provide some of the markets most well crafted coaching programs. You can choose to do them for yourself or join one of our group opportunities and connect and exchange experiences with other leaders and business owners. Private coaching Our Professional coach and owner - Peter Thelander - will be your partner and guide you through your journey, all based on your needs. Read more

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